Saturday, 14 July 2018

Internet Speed Meter Pro apk

Internet Speed Meter Pro apk
Do you really want to track your internet speed and know how much speed of internet downloading and uploading? Use this simple app to track all internet speed with daily data uses and app data uses.

Key features:

  1. You can see the real speed of internet with notification in the status bar of your phone.
  2. You can track daily uses of data in a table by date with separate WiFi and mobile.
  3. You can track your uses of data for a particular date of the month either you are using WiFi or mobile.
  4. There is a widget option to track internet speed with total data uses in a month.
  5. You can also track data use monthly in a year. How much data you have used in per month in a year.
  6. Track which app using how much data from your device.
  7. Show notification on lock screen.
  8. Show notification on internet connections. And show wife or network name in the notification.
  9. Fully customized widget option to make the app better.
  10. You can also see data uses graph monthly WiFi or mobile.

What's new

  1. Added widget support for marshmallow devices
  2. Fixed negative value issue
  3. Now show speed in bytes also
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