E-token Time For Indian Visa

Most of the people know that, To get Indian Visa E-token is too much difficult. If you able to try just perfect time, may be you will get an e token for Indian visa. We try to serve you the perfect time for E-token in this site Every day.

New system For Indian E token July 11 2015

Surely everyone is doing well. I am with you again. This is my "New System for Indian E-token- 2015". Indian authorities did not consider that Bangladeshi, people are mankind. Last Friday afternoon once again they change their websites system and in front of us brought a new critical situation. Active all tricks have to change for this situation. Come and see the new system

Make Your Pc Faster In An Easy Way-part-3

Slim Cleaner is a free software for cleaning and optimizing PC and Mobile Device. It's a Golden Verified Partner of Microsoft Corporation. Specially Designed for WinXp, Vista, Win7, Win 8 and Win 10.

Remove shortcut virus in 30 second

Here we will show how you can easily get rid of this problem and remove "Shortcut Virus" from your PC.

Required Documents for Indian Visa Purpose

In fact, most of people do not know what to do when submit an e-token to IVAC/Visa Processing Center/Indian Embassy and which documents they have to collected and sorted. In the mean time, many local broker or fraud lead them to earn some big amount from sufferer. Let’s go to topic.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Nero 8 Full Download With Serial Key

Nero 8 isn't just only a great program to burn CD and DVDs, but also a complete multimedia suite to work with all sorts of audio, video and images.
The oldest and most nostalgic people will remember fondly remember the golden period of optical discs. First CDs, then DVDs and finally Blu-rays became the favorite storage format for an entire generation that still wasn't aware of the advantages of USB memory sticks, portable hard drives or cloud storage.

Main features:

By downloading this version of Nero to our Windows PC we can install on our computer a set of modules that allow us, among others, to access the following functions and features:
  • Copy and burn audio discs (including Jukebox and audiobooks), video discs and data discs.
  • Edit photos and create slideshows.
  • Convert audio files, mix tracks, edit and record sounds and create covers.
  • Create, edit and capture video.
  • Play audio, slideshows, videos and view photos.
  • Make the application compatible with our Smart TV to manage all our multimedia files straight from our television set.
  • Make, schedule and restore backups and create recovery discs.
Among the modules mentioned above, downloadable with the full version of this program, we have to point out the following:
Nero StartSmart: the central control panel from which you can access the rest of the tools of the suite.
Nero Burning ROM: probably the best-known tool that Allows you to comfortably burn any optical disc.
Nero Express: a reduced version of Burning ROM with which you can burn discs quickly but with fewer options.
Nero Home: tool to manage multimedia files.
Nero Vision: program to capture video. After you connect the devices to your computer, you'll be able to record video.
Nero BackItUp: tool to create backups of multimedia material.
Nero WaveEditor: will allow you to edit, improve and record audio files.
Nero CoverDesigner: easily create your own covers.
Nero SoundTrax: DJ tool to remix music and audio tracks.
Nero PhotoSnap: a simple image editor.
Nero Recode: to convert formats and recode and compile DVDs.
Nero Rescue Agent: Nero's recovery and restoration tool.

Download Link:
Download Nero 8 (Without serial key) [2 MB]
N.B- You need internet connection to install the download file.

Download Serial Key [Open with notepad]
N.B- You have to turn off all internet connection before using serial key.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

How To Reinstall Windows Without lost Any Previous Settings

How To Reinstall Windows Without loss Any Previous Settings
Sometimes we face many problems in our computers. To fix the problem, we need to install a fresh windows which many of us do not want. Because you have to lost your apps and software settings and all of your data which was in "C" drive after installing a new windows. To avoid this kinds of problem you can re-install your windows by windows media creator to keep your all setting and data.

Why do you need to re-install Windows:
* Windows start menu doesn't working.
* Windows application or app is not working.
* Windows system files have been damaged.
* The operating system is corrupted by malware.
* Windows Update and upgrade is not working.
* Windows applications or apps installed or removed disable.
* Update Windows operating system is corrupted.

Let's see how to reinstall Windows 10 without loss any data and settings:

Step 1:
At first you have to go Windows Media Creation Tools and download the file.

How To Reinstall Windows Without loss Any Previous Settings
Step 2:
 After Download The File "Windows Media Creation Tools" Run as Administrator. If you see windows permission box click yes to continue.

Step 3:
Now you can see "Getting a few things ready" Screen. Here You have to accept applicable license T&C. Click "Accept".
How To Reinstall Windows Without loss Any Previous Settings

Step 4:
Now you can see "What do you want to do" Screen. Here, click the radio button upgrade the PC now.
How To Reinstall Windows Without loss Any Previous Settings
You will see the downloading of your windows. Be patience, it may take several minutes depending on your internet speed.

How To Reinstall Windows Without loss Any Previous Settings
After complete the download you will see the verifying screen of your download.
How To Reinstall Windows Without loss Any Previous Settings
While the verifying is complete, the system will crate windows 10 media automatically.

How To Reinstall Windows Without loss Any Previous Settings
After creating windows 10 media, they are ready to install into you machine. You just have to select "Install Windows 10 Pro" and "Keep personal files and app" by ticking the check box. Then press "Install" button to proceed.
How To Reinstall Windows Without loss Any Previous Settings
Well, you are almost end up your journey! The windows installing the setup without loosing your previous configuration of your machine. As it takes a few minutes to complete the action and your PC will restart several times.
How To Reinstall Windows Without loss Any Previous Settings
Meanwhile, you may offer yourself a cup of hot coffee to enjoy the waiting.
How To Reinstall Windows Without loss Any Previous Settings
All done? then no need to wait much more! You can do what ever you want. We ending up today. If anything irritating you on this post or if you have any questions, please use our comment option. Do you know, it's totally free?!


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