Monday, 14 November 2016

What Is The Main Duty Of Function Keys F1 to F12

In every keyboard there is 12 keys in upper row. These keys called Function Keys and it's illustrated like F1, F2,....F12. These Function Keys help us to do much work in short time. So Now I’m going to describing about all Functions keys.

F1: The Function Key is used for open help menu. To view any kind Of program’s help menu, you just press F1 for open the help tab while the program is running.

F2: Normally, It is used to change any kind of folder or file name. Select any file or folder then press F2 and you can change the file name. Ctrl+F2 wil open the "Print Preview" option in Microsoft Word.

F3: Basically, this Function Key is used for open search box in many program including Microsoft Windows, Browsers etc. If you press F3 key you can see a search box/window in your running program. Shift+F3 will change the selected world or sentences from upper to lower case or make every first letter capital of words which we called title case.

F4: You can able to last action performed Repeated by pressing F4. Alt+F4 is used for closing any program and Ctrl+F4 also use for closing all active program in windows.

F5: To open “find, replace and go to” window in Microsoft word by pressing F5. Web page refresh and power point slide show will start by pressing F5. Press Ctrl+F5 for clear catch data from active web page.

F6: To send Mouse cursor on the internet browser’s address bar by press F6 key from your keyboard.

F7: This Function key is helping us to Justify Word Spelling and grammatical wrong. And pressing Shift+F7 we can find out synonyms/ antonyms word in Microsoft Word.

F8: It's use for open your operating system in "Safe Mood" when your Operating System is starting.

F9: For starting Quark Express tool bar menu.

F10: For select menu bar in any open program.

F11: To view as "Full Screen" mood of any active window or browsers.

F12: Is used for open the "Save As" option in Microsoft Word. And in "Avro Keyboard" it's toggle the keyboard layout. In Browsers, it open the "Developer Tools" for inspecting the "HTML code" of the active web page.

Hope, this article will help you to understand the basic work of all function keys. See you very soon with our next posts. Till then bye bye ☺
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