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How To Fix This Video is Not Available in Your Country In YouTube

How To Fix This Video is Not Available in Your Country In YouTube

YouTube is the most searchable platform after google and unique platform for video search engine. Everyday millions of people watching various video clips on YouTube. But as YouTube provides some facility to video uploader for customize view, the uploader may restricted your country or location for certain circumstances. So, you may face some disturbance as like This video is not available in your country or This video is not available or The uploader has not made this video available in your country. If the associate account was not deleted and if the uploader not void the terms of the YouTube then there is some solution to unblock the restricted video in YouTube. Today, we will discuss about the way to fix the problem of This video is not available in your country.

Before we get started be sure to your restricted mode is off . some time this message will appear on your screen when try to watch a video on YouTube and says- This video is unavailable with restricted mode enabled. To view this video, you will need to disable restricted mode. That mean you never can seen every video in restricted mode. You can the restricted mode off from the bottom line of the video pages.

#1 Free VPN:  For desktop user the most easy way to unblock a country restricted video by a vpn unblocker. It lets you access blocked sites from any country for free!
In fact, VPN is a super service for unblocking video or sites which randomly change your IP location for free. So, your watch location changed automatically and you can enjoy country blocked video any time.
All you have to do just download the extension for Mozila Firefox or Google Chrome. For Chrome browser Hola is a remarkable extention. You just go to restricted video and click on the Hola Icon which will founded in the bookmark area. Choose United States from list of country and reload the page. Instantly, you can watch the restricted video without any difficulty.
If you need much more from the free service, you need to upgrade your account free to premium. And it cost some dollar to upgradation the account.

#2 Bypass YouTube: You can bypass YouTube and download the video which blocked for your region. 
* If the blocked video URL is
*  Just remove http://www. and replace with ss
* It's look something like this
* Click on the download button according to your choice based on the video quality. 

You can also download YouTube videos with some of the online YouTube converters like Clipconverters, KeepVid and video grabby to download YouTube videos.

 #3 Watch on YouTube: If you want to watch a blocked video on YouTube without any proxy or extensions then here is a solution:
* Suppose the blocked video link is
* Then just replace /watch?v= with /v/
* After replace the URL looks something like this
* If everything going ok then the video will play on your browser like other unblock videos.

We trying to share some tips that will fix the regional restricted video on YouTube. We recommend that you may bookmark this page. We will update all solution when situation changed by YouTube.



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