Monday, 19 September 2016

Facebook Games Arcade A Desktop App for Playing Games In Facebook

Facebook launched "Game Arcade" apps for those game addict people who like to play games in Facebook. This app developed by Facebook developers for better gaming experiences in Facebook. Facebook game arcade is the only app that you can use it without open in a browser. In this app you can play your favorites game more faster as they promised. Gamer feel better experiences with this app and can find almost every games provided in Facebook.

Key Features:

◙ A left side float-able menu panel only for gaming activities.

◙ Game Notification consol. Here, you notified only for gaming activities.
◙ Build for games and gamer. It's a faster and better gaming experience.
◙ You can create and Add shortcuts for your favorite games to your desktop and start menu.
◙ A large, rotating banner for single selected games across the top.

◙ My Games, or games on the Facebook platform that the user already plays. The games’ appearances and game play are identical to when they are accessed via 
◙ A Recommended Games Row
◙ You can get game suggestions by category, including casual games, trivia and word games, bingo games, slots games, role-playing games, action games, table games, poker and table games, match three games, puzzle games, adventure games, builder games, casino games, strategy games, simulation games, card battle games, card games, sports games and board games.
◙ You also get similar game suggestion based on your playing.


◙ For download the app just click here.
◙ Install the app after downloading. 
◙ After successfully downloading the required files, you’ll be asked to login using your Facebook credentials.
◙ Now login with your FB account and enjoy the gaming experience.

Whatever may be the Reason behind this Experimental feature of Facebook, it seems good for Gamer. You can just click on App and play your Favorite Facebook Games, without hassles of Adobe/Shock Wave Players crash/functioning issues in Browsers. And Facebook is also benefited from this feature. It may can soon make a Market of Gaming on its own, if this feature succeeds.



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