E-token Time For Indian Visa

Most of the people know that, To get Indian Visa E-token is too much difficult. If you able to try just perfect time, may be you will get an e token for Indian visa. We try to serve you the perfect time for E-token in this site Every day.

New system For Indian E token July 11 2015

Surely everyone is doing well. I am with you again. This is my "New System for Indian E-token- 2015". Indian authorities did not consider that Bangladeshi, people are mankind. Last Friday afternoon once again they change their websites system and in front of us brought a new critical situation. Active all tricks have to change for this situation. Come and see the new system

Make Your Pc Faster In An Easy Way-part-3

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Remove shortcut virus in 30 second

Here we will show how you can easily get rid of this problem and remove "Shortcut Virus" from your PC.

Required Documents for Indian Visa Purpose

In fact, most of people do not know what to do when submit an e-token to IVAC/Visa Processing Center/Indian Embassy and which documents they have to collected and sorted. In the mean time, many local broker or fraud lead them to earn some big amount from sufferer. Let’s go to topic.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Facebook Games Arcade A Desktop App for Playing Games In Facebook

Facebook launched "Game Arcade" apps for those game addict people who like to play games in Facebook. This app developed by Facebook developers for better gaming experiences in Facebook. Facebook game arcade is the only app that you can use it without open facebook.com in a browser. In this app you can play your favorites game more faster as they promised. Gamer feel better experiences with this app and can find almost every games provided in Facebook.

Key Features:

◙ A left side float-able menu panel only for gaming activities.

◙ Game Notification consol. Here, you notified only for gaming activities.
◙ Build for games and gamer. It's a faster and better gaming experience.
◙ You can create and Add shortcuts for your favorite games to your desktop and start menu.
◙ A large, rotating banner for single selected games across the top.

◙ My Games, or games on the Facebook platform that the user already plays. The games’ appearances and game play are identical to when they are accessed via Facebook.com. 
◙ A Recommended Games Row
◙ You can get game suggestions by category, including casual games, trivia and word games, bingo games, slots games, role-playing games, action games, table games, poker and table games, match three games, puzzle games, adventure games, builder games, casino games, strategy games, simulation games, card battle games, card games, sports games and board games.
◙ You also get similar game suggestion based on your playing.


◙ For download the app just click here.
◙ Install the app after downloading. 
◙ After successfully downloading the required files, you’ll be asked to login using your Facebook credentials.
◙ Now login with your FB account and enjoy the gaming experience.

Whatever may be the Reason behind this Experimental feature of Facebook, it seems good for Gamer. You can just click on App and play your Favorite Facebook Games, without hassles of Adobe/Shock Wave Players crash/functioning issues in Browsers. And Facebook is also benefited from this feature. It may can soon make a Market of Gaming on its own, if this feature succeeds.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

How To Search A Blog For Comment

How To Search A Blog For Comment
Hello Friends, today we will discuss about how to search a blog for comment. In fact, if you have your own website and when you try to boost your website by doing some helpful SEO, there is many important technique to do this. And one of them is "Blog Comment". A newbie may stumbled when he try to give his website a better rank and unable to find a easy way to blog comment. Here, we try to settle a way that help all new comer to comment on a certain blog.
Blog comment is a vital part of SEO. When your website need a better global web rank, experts are prescribe to concentrate on blog/forum comment. It is a simplest way to reach people by put some informative comment on various blog or forums. But there is millions of blogs and forums. And you have to choose the right one to be in the middle.
Please note the following tips. In the meantime, use Google to demand a sentence using the blog to be able to find the right keywords:

inurl:blog “your keyword” ”post a comment”
inurl:blog “your keyword” ”add comment”
inurl:blog “your keyword” ”make comment”
inurl:blog “your keyword” ”leave a comment”

“Keyword” “Powered By Blogger”
“Keyword” “Powered By WordPress”
“Keyword” “Powered By Typepad”
“Keyword” “Powered By Drupal”
“Keyword” “Powered By Blogengine”
“Keyword” “Powered By Movabletype”

“Add comment” Your Keywords
“Post comment” Your Keywords
“Write comment” Your Keywords
Your Keywords “leave a comment” / “leave comment”
Your Keywords “Notify me of follow-up comments?”+”Submit the word you see below:”
Your Keywords “Remember my personal information” + “Notify me of follow-up comments?”
Your Keywords “Notify me of follow-up comments”
Your Keywords “This site uses KeywordLuv”
Your Keywords “Enable CommentLuv”
Your Keywords “You can use these tags”
Your Keywords “Powered by BlogEngine.NET”
Your Keywords “Allowed HTML tags:”
Your Keywords “top commenter”


inurl: blog”guest house” comment query
site:.com inurl:blog + “post a comment” + keyword
site:.com inurl:blog + “post a comment” + commentluv enabled

Finding on the wordpress:
site:.edu “powered by wordpress”
site:.gov “powered by wordpress”
“powered by wordpress” “leave a comment”
inurl:.edu “Powered by wordpress”
inurl:.gov “Powered by WordPress”

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For finding the .edu/.gov blog site:
“keyword phrase”+inurl:blog site:.edu
“keyword phrase”+inurl:blog site:.gov
site:.edu inurl:blog “keyword phrase”
site:.gov+”submit site”
site:.gov+”submit your site”
site:.gov+”add url”
site:.edu inurl:blog “keyword” “comment”
site:gov – ”you must be logged in” -”comment closed”
site:edu – ”you must be logged in” -”comment closed” 

Hope, you are able to find the certain blog for comment and help out to make your website familiar to the world.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

USB OTG Does Not Support Phone Solve It Easily by USB OTG Connector pro

USB OTG Connector pro

USB OTG Doesn't Support Your Phone ? Here Is The Way To Solve It Easily by USB OTG Connector pro.

USB OTG Connector Pro Apk Cracked Free Download lets you to read USB flash drives as well as card readers from your Androids. All you have to do is connect the flash drive to an OTG(On-the-go) cable then plug in the micro USB connector of your tablet, then open this app you will see all files in USB drive and you can open them with your favorite app viewers or editors. Current support FAT32 disk format of flash drives.  

How To Install

1: Download From Bellow Link
2: Copy and paste to extSD
3: Install Normally Like other App
4: That's all Enjoy !

Apps Name      : USB OTG Connector pro.
Apps Size         : 1.6 MB
Download Link: Click Here

Daily E-token Time For Indian Visa

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

How To Fix Install Error code HRESULT 0x8000222 .Net Framework 4.0

Some times, you may face a problem while you attempt to install a software and you see a message had appear to your screen and it's says that- "Installation Did Not Succeed" with the Error code HRESULT 0x8000222 .Net Framework 4.0 or 4.5.
How To Fix Install Error code HRESULT 0x8000222 .Net Framework 4.0
Now, we are gonna discuss that how to fix this error-
HRESULT 0x8000222

First of all, Click on Start, type cmd in the search bar, right-click cmd.exe. Select run as administrator.
How To Fix Install Error code HRESULT 0x8000222 .Net Framework 4.0
Stop the Windows Update service by typing the following command: net stop wuauserv
How To Fix Install Error code HRESULT 0x8000222 .Net Framework 4.0

Rename the "softwaredistribution" file by typing the following command: ren %windir%\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.Old
How To Fix Install Error code HRESULT 0x8000222 .Net Framework 4.0
To Restart Windows Update service, type in cmd: net start wuauserv

Try to install .NET Framework again.

Hope, your problem will solve by this way. If anything goes wrong check the whole process first. If you faild to fix it again then contact us by put down your comment here.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

How To Set Customize Picture And Name As Your Pen Drive Name And Icon

How To Set Customize Picture And Name As Your Pen Drive Name And Icon
Pen Drive is the alter name of USB Flash Drive. Most of us who involve with IT must have at least one Pen Drive or known the device very closely. This device make our valuable data transfer more easy and comfort. Every device has an Unique brand name such as A-Data, Apacher, Transend etc. When you open a pen drive into your pc, you will see the default name which was given by the manufacturer. If you want to change the name and replace with your desired name then you can do it very easily by rename it from the properties option. But what happen if we want when every time the device open will shown our own Icon and name we desire? There is a certain way to do that and we will show now that how to set customize icon and name as your pen drive name. And of course, it describe your identity as well.

* Your PC/Laptop
* A Pen Drive which is Active (You can not rename a damage pen drive :D )
* Basic knowledge of Computer.

What to do:
First of all, connect the pen drive to your pc.
How To Set Customize Picture And Name As Your Pen Drive Name And Icon
Then you will see the device name and icon provide by the manufacturer. We are going to change the icon and the default name of the device.

How To Set Customize Picture And Name As Your Pen Drive Name And Icon
Now, open "Notepad" from the programs menu. If you could not find this in program menu then press Winkey+R and write notepad to open it from the run command.

You have to write a auto-run code in to the notepad:
How To Set Customize Picture And Name As Your Pen Drive Name And Icon
You can copy them from below:
We use our own label and icon. You have to replace them by your own. To make an icon for your pen drive, be sure that it must end with .ico extension. You can make it yourself or just click here to make it from online. Remember that this icon name will be the same as you mentioned into the notepad. Save the notepad as autorun.inf  into the pen drive along with the icon. Unplug the pen drive from the pc and reconnect it.

How To Set Customize Picture And Name As Your Pen Drive Name And Icon
Now,You got the new label and icon for your pen drive. Enjoy it!


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