Monday, 25 July 2016

How to get Indian Visa Appointment Date Quickly Without Any Captcha

Well, after a long time we release a new tutorial about to remove captcha permanently from Indian Visa Appointment System.

Indian visa application process has changed again. Now they send the OTP to your mobile number which you have used in your visa application form. They also applied a Question Captcha to improve the security system. Basically, there is few kinds of Question Captcha like-
  • Re-arrange the alphabetical order, 

  • Reverse strings, 

  • Add or multiply etc.

When you fill out the visa application form, It's does not matter to fill out the captcha. But when trying to get a visa appointment date, it is quite difficult to work in a minute. You may know, now OTP expired time was increased from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. But the main problem is the server is too much busy and the captcha is not changeable frequently.  That's why the duration of 20 minutes is not sufficient to get the Indian visa appointment date.
Here, we try to describe that how to remove captcha when you trying to get the appointment date and work with comfortable. We use a add-on named Greasmonkey and a code to help you out.  This code will help you to skip the captcha permanently from the whole process of appointment date confirmation system. So, you can easily move to next steps without any difficulties.
We introduce Another code in greesmonky addon to help you autofill the form and get the Visa appointment date very quickly.
You can watch our tutorial from youtube to get more details about the topic:


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