Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Lock and Unlock Your Android Phone Automatically With Gravity Screen Unlock Apps

Generally we press the power switch to On or Off the smartphone Screen. And some people feel annoyed to do this all time. Well, now we talking about an apps which can address the problem definitely and make you smile. Yes, if you use gravity screen lock you never suffer with this problem.
It turns the lock on automatically when you put your smart phone in into your pocket or put on some place! Similarly when you lift your phone it turn on the screen to use instantly!
Gravity Screen Unlock
Home Screen of Gravity Screen Unlock
Gravity Screen Unlock

 We can set the screen lock and unlock as we like. After Open the apps you will see screen above and select your desire angle to screen lock and unlock then enjoy.
App Name : Gravity screen unlocked
App Size: 2MB
Download Link: Click Here


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