Monday, 16 May 2016

Dutch Bangla Bank SSC Scholarship 2016

Dutch Bangla Bank SSC Scholarship 2016
As like past few years Dutch Bangla Bank declared a scholarship Program for the SSC passed Student who are obtain  Brilliant Result. We know that Dutch Bangla Bank make every year a scholarship program for the inelegant poor students to create educate people all over the country. They give four kind of scholarship which is secondary, higher secondary, honors and masters. To give the scholarship they divided in three areas 1. City corporation, 2. District city and 3. Rural area. Who live city corporation eligible result GPA 5.00, Who live in district city eligible result GPA 4.88 And who live rural area eligible result GPA 4.70. The student who will be selected in scholarship they will get monthly Tk. 2000 only.  And it is a great help for the poor students, Undoubtedly. 


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