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How To Get Back Email Which Send To A Wrong Address

How To Get Back E-mail Which Send To A Wrong Address
Sometimes we make a common mistake to send a e-mail to a right address. Well, you can say "It could be" but when a very important or very confidential e-mail goes to the wrong address- what would you say?
E-mail is like talking. Once they went out, you have no chance to get them back. However, if your e-mail service provider is Gmail, then you have some chances to get the e-mail back which you send to a wrong address previously.
In fact, to get rid of this kind of mismanagement, Gmail is the only e-mail service provider who has an excellent system to get back your wrongly addressed e-mail.
Now, We will show you how to setup your Gmail account. If you have not did it already, just follow the step carefully:
➤ Log in to your Gmail Account with user name and passwords.
➤ Click the "Gear" icon on the top of the right corner.
➤ Select "Settings" tab.
➤ Go to "Undo Send" option under General Tab.
➤ Click on "Enable Undo Send" Option.
➤ You may select 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds time frame, which you preferred.
➤ Click "Save Changes" from below to save all changes you make.

Hope, It will help you to take back your wrongly addressed e-mail instantly.
Be very careful when you send a e-mail to others. If you can't, just use gmail and smile everafter.


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