Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Audacity- The Best Multi Track Audio Editor And Recorder for all OS

Audacity- The Best Multi Track Audio Editor And Recorder for all OS
Many people like to experiment with audio and they research a lot to bring out the best result for a audio project. They have try to edit, cut, copy, split and record various type of audio format. They try to control the pitch and speed of an audio file to make it suitable for recommended project.
Now, we will talk about a best audio editor and recorder which has some fantastic features and benefits. It's called "Audacity". Mainly it's an open source software and very easy to use. Absolutely free of cost and multi language supported interface based.

Some Key Features:

➳ Any one can download it because it's free and open source. No need to crack or re-patch.
➳ Record Live Audio.
➳ Directly recording from any microphone or SD or mixer.
➳ Supporting Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other OS.
➳ You can change tempo without changing pitch of an audio.
➳ Can remove unexpected background noise with noise removal.
➳ Record computer playback on windows vista or later version.
➳ Easy editing cut, copy past, convert and delete audio from various sources.
You can convert .amr files to .mp3 with optional library.
➳ Can Manages multiple recording and playback devices from device toolbar.


 For Windows- Xp,Vista, 7, 8 Audacity Installer 2.1.2 (Zip File)
(Windows 10 may require appropriate audio driver)

For other OS and related plug-ins download please Visit Here.


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