Tuesday, 5 April 2016

How to Backup and Restore Bookmarks From Any Browsers

Many interesting and important web link have to save as Bookmark when we surfing on internet. It will help us for further workout. We frequently store some links in bookmark section of a browser we use to save our time and effort. But when accidentally windows crashed or have to re-install browsers all save bookmarked was gone and you have nothing to do except looking at all. Well, if you want to prevent loosing your saved bookmark, you just follow the steps which we given here.

It's a simple way to backup your bookmarks on browser. You just keep a .jsn file in your PC or Laptop. As a result, Just one click we can go into our desired locations. Today I will show the way that could help you to alive your stored bookmark even the browser going to crashed. I hope it will help you. 

Now follow the steps given below:

Open your browser which you use (we use Mozila Firefox for an example). Click on the Bookmark menu, then click Show all Bookmark. (
See the image given below)
 If you able to done the work properly, Your browser will open the Bookmark Library. Then find out Import and Backup tab (as shown in the image). Click Backup. (See the image below.)

After clicking the Backup there will be open a window to save all youir bookmark as .json file. You have to save the file in your computer by given any name with (.json) extension.(for example we name it mozilla.json) See the image below.

Later, when your browser or operating system crashed, you have nothing to worried! Re-install your browser. Open the Bookmark menu in your browser, then click Show all bookmark and click on the Restore button. You have to Choose the file you save before and finish the job. It's an offline system to save your bookmark forever. We will show you hwo to save your bookmarks in online without any hazards.

Now you will see all the bookmarks! From now, you may never to worry about any of you bookmarks. Enjoy the life!


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