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Primary Assistant Teacher Recruitment

Primary Assistant Teacher Recruitment

Government of Bangladesh worked very hard on Primary education for build up a solid starting from the junior citizen of our country and trying to gear up the whole education process. As a part of that last few years government and the primary education board recruit a large scale of manpower to accelerate the teaching profession into countrywide range. And they have started some special project called Primary Education Development (PED). Now they have revised the project and recruit Primary Assistant Teacher under PED-3 project. This project have a unique goal to Provide quality education for all children of primary education. They trying to Establish an efficient, inclusive and equitable primary education system delivering effective and relevant child friendly learning to all children from pre-primary through grade 5 primary education.

Now a days, our country suffering on unemployment issue. And every single candidate wants to ensure a valuable job whatever they got. Primary assistant teacher recruitment is one of the most valuable opportunity for the unemployment people. Many Job seekers wants to get a chance in this sector. But maximum of them are failed to get a position into the project of primary education development. Here, we will discus about the recruitment process of primary assistant teacher recruitment.

Certainly, it's not so easy to passed out  from primary assistant teacher recruit exam as there is too much competition. All you need a well preparation to obtain a good mark in the recruit exam to standing in the top of the selected candidate lists.Let's see what else you have to be prepared:

Senior Officer of the project Dr. A.M. Parvez said, primary and pre-primary recruitment exam questions will be on the same contents of the previous year, but the quality will improve. Last year the written examination questions was taken from the secondary level, but this year it will come from the higher secondary level. 80 marks for written exam and 20 marks for viva out of 100 will counted. The written exam will be multiple choice questions (M.C.Q) method.

20 questions came out from Each subject and total number of questions is 80. Each question considered 1 marks. Be careful, there will be negative marking applicable. each wrong answer will cost you .25 marks. That means 4 wrong answer will cost you 1 marks. So, take a special look on that. The exam duration will be 80 minutes that means you have 1 minute to answer each question. So, do not west time behind the questions you don't have an answer in the exam hall. Answer them first which you know the best. 

The recruit notice of Primary Assistant Teacher will be published very soon.

As we said that this year the questions come from the higher secondary level. So, you must prepared yourself as well as you can. Concentrate in the basic knowledge and important dates of birth and death of famous person like writer, poet etc. Check your grammatical skill both in English and Bengali and improve the weakened one. Specially concentrate on Preposition, Antonym, Synonym, Parts of Speech, Tense, Spelling, Right forms of verb, Transformation, Voice, Narration. Math is the difficult part of the exam. Don't be afraid and exercise on solving problem. You may exercise from the old syllabus of Class 6 to 10.


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