Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Its an insult to 21 February BHASHA DIBOSH International Language Day by the India

The ultimate insult to 21 February (BHASHA DIBOSH) International Language Language Day by the India.
21 February Bhasha Dibosh (International Mother Language Day). The day is memorable for Bangladeshi, now it also world wide memorable day. Indian high commission in Bangladesh announced all holidays of year 2016 ending of December 2015. We know that Indian high commission's employees are maximum Bangladeshi but The high commission approved Indian Independence Day is holiday for them, but they did not allow to 21 February holiday for them. To the proof my information I have provided Image and Website link. If they observe their Independence day in our country then why they did not observe our Language Day (Bhasha Shahid Dibosh) while it's observed by the world as an International Mother Language Day!
India was the most helpful friend while freedom fight outbreak in Bangladesh. We hope that they will be the best neighbor as they do in past.

Screen Shot:
Indian high commission

To Check The Holidays List 2016 click here


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