Wednesday, 16 December 2015

E-token Tutorial Genarate Otp And Go to direct Date page

Hello Dear Friends. It's too much hard to get an appointment date on Indian visa online with some regular and innocent technique. Past two month all e-token workers try to find a way to resolve the problem. They use V.P.S; they try with V.P.N but failed. Last few weeks, every day we hope that all problems will be solved. But, nothing happens.
Most of us believe that there always a way to success but difficult to find it. And so, we calm down and determined to set a unique code to use in Indian Visa online website.
Here, in this tutorial we try to describe a new code. In fact, there are 2 codes to describe. One is used to get OTP (One time Password) and another is usually called "Console Code". By using both of them you may skip two steps out of five and landed direct "Date confirmation page" after get the OTP successfully.
We try to use a simple word to describe the whole process. If, there are any kinds of problem to understand the tutorial, you can feel free to contact with us by using our comment box or inbox us in facebook. We will try our level best solve the problem whatever you had.

Let's see the tutorial 

Download Otp Code

Download Console Code


  1. hello brother, for your kind co-operation,
    how i download console code,pl tell me how i open google drive, would you pl send me console code to my mail-
    many many Thanks

  2. boss i want to download 2 code please give me permission.

  3. কনসোল কোড আপডেট করা হয়েছে।



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