Thursday, 6 August 2015

Required Documents for Indian Visa Purpose

Required Documents for Indian Visa Purpose

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatulla!

 Hello Dear Friends, hope all is well? Today I will talk about the requirements of documents to submit an e-token and how to sort them.
In fact, most of people do not know what to do when submit an e-token to IVAC/Visa Processing Center/Indian Embassy and which documents they have to collected and sorted. In the mean time, many local broker or fraud lead them to earn some big amount from sufferer. Let’s go to topic.

Sort the application form (Serially)

1. Application Form (Double Page)
2. National Identity card / Birth Registration card’s Photocopy
3. Electricity bill / gas bill / WASA bill / telephone bill’s Photocopy
4. Bank statement /Certificate of dollars endorsements Photocopy
5. Certificate Private / Institutional
6. If applicant is Minor Age / children then have to show his father or mother’s Visa (Photocopy)/Deposit slip of visa received copy (Photocopy)/ GO (Government Order) If Government Service Holder.
7. Photocopy of the trade license (if profession is business man)
8. Photocopies of land records (if profession is farming)
9. The organization no objection certificate / NOC (if profession is Private Service)
10. School ID Card / Pay Book slip (if profession student)
11. Photocopy of Passport.
12. Loss Certificate (With G.D Copy)- if previous passport is lost.


There must be similarity between recent and old passport.

All documents must be clear or readable.

Have to show the original copy of passport or NID card during  the submission / acceptance during the course of visa.

With Passport:

1. Have to attached 1 copy of the recent "2×2" color photograph.
2. Have to provide the original copy of the - Bank Statement /Dollar endorsement Certificate
3. Original Copy of Citizenship certificate.


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